What We Offer

Your swimming pool or spa is a major investment that should never be neglected. Remember that cleanliness and water quality can affect the health and enjoyment of every swimmer, so it’s absolutely imperative that you properly maintain your investment throughout the year!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool to the fullest by leaving the dirty work to us! Complete pool cleaning, chemical treatment, equipment repairs and remodeling—we’ve got your pool covered.

Pool Services

Leave your pool sparkling and ready for everyday use by signing up for one of our full service weekly maintenance packages. Whether it’s simple cleaning or routine equipment inspections, you can leave it all to us.

Repair and Service Work

Call us anytime you need repair and service work for your pool and equipment. Our team of skilled experts can fix everything from pumps and motors to complex water features. Here at Blue Thumb Pool Service, we keep you running — or should we say swimming!

Chemical Cleaning

With our full filter cleaning, tile cleaning, acid washing, chlorine washing, and other chemical cleaning services, Blue Thumb Pool Service can ensure that your pool stays algae-free and microorganism-safe. While we’re at it, we’ll even fix your plumbing leaks!

Over the years, our company has continuously focused on two concepts: family and professionalism. The family-oriented focus is exactly why we pour all of our time, effort, and skills into residential pool maintenance, while the professionalism-oriented focus fuels our passion to set new industry standards for service quality and customer satisfaction. In short, we believe that your family deserves only the best and that we can give it to them.

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust

Relax. We've Got This Covered.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the best quality, value, and service at a very competitive price. We care about your pool like our own and detest the use “spot cleaning”, which we consider a despicable practice that other pool cleaners use to increase their profits at the customer’s expense. It involves picking the areas to clean based solely on the dirty “spots” they see. In contrast, we promise you an honest and total cleaning service, which more than satisfies the industry’s pool care standards.


At Blue Thumb Pool Service, we work hard, so that you can play hard!